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Porsche calendar 2017 – Uncovered

Where does it come from? We’re talking about the fascination for sports cars that makes our hearts beat faster just by looking at a silhouette. And that makes the sound of a six-cylinder boxer engine send shivers down our spines.

This coming year will perhaps offer some answers to this question. Because the 2017 Porsche calendar is on a quest to discover the story behind the legend: unmasking the location where witnesses to 60 years of Porsche history are gathered. The secret Porsche garage.

Featuring 13 extraordinary images, the calendar is an impressive display of how brilliant ideas were refined throughout the decades and how shapes and details were developed to give the exclusive sports cars their distinctive Porsche look. The observer is lured into the unique atmosphere of the expansive, empty halls and soon learns that the fascination for sports cars can never be completely understood. The rest remains the magical secret of the Porsche legend.

- With an exclusive collector’s coin and postcard set of the calendar motifs
- Calendar dimensions: 59 x 55.5 cm
- Postcard dimensions: 14.8 x 10.5 cm
- Made in Germany

: $74
Item No.: WAP 092 001 0H
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